From Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th April, Bisley will be launching BOB during the Salone de Mobile Festival, in an exhibition called You & BOB with Disegno magazine.

You & BOB is an installation curated by Disegno to celebrate the launch of BOB, a magnetic modular storage and display system designed by Paul Kelley for Bisley.

Hand-crafted with high-quality plywood, BOB’s design allows you to adapt it to any situation, whether at home or in the workplace. For You & BOB, Disegno has created a hang-out space for visitors to relax in and play with the BOBs on display. With guidance, visitors can reconfigure BOB to create breakout seating, screens for privacy, co-working spaces or games. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the sets or to reconfigure their own BOB to create a unique and peaceful environment, away from the bustle of the fair.

Visitors will be encouraged to interact with Bob and create various configurations, resulting in a unique artwork each time, showing the variety of configurations that can be built to highlight BOB’s simplicity and ease of use, while also adding an element of playfulness.

The exhibition will be launched with a drinks reception on Tues 9th April, with speeches from Disegno, Paul Kelley and Bisley, culminating in a further drinks reception hosted by Alcove on 11th April.

You can read more about BOB in Milan, at Disegno’s website.

For further information contact  Cora Kemp Cora Kemp.