Woven Image have released another gorgeous new range of acoustic wall tiles made of 60% recycled PET. Called Balance, the tiles come in 9 different colours and are applied by peeling off a backing that reveals a pre glued surface, which makes them very fast to apply.



Understated in style, Balance are a long rectangular shape with a bevelled edge. They can be mixed to create jazzy patterns, or if used like in the image above, in one colour, they create a cool, classic look.

Woven’s wall tiles are all made from their signature material EchoPanel, which is a material they developed from recycled plastic bottles (PET). Over the years, Woven Image have saved hundreds of tonnes of plastic from landfill. EchoPanel has been used to make dozens of acoustic performance products, like wall tiles, floor standing screens, desk dividers and even light fittings. Check them out here.