Introducing Gus, the star of WILD LIFE and Marokka’s first piece of public art in London’s Broadgate. Gus captures the noble poise and natural power of a gorilla and at 3 metres tall, Gus is Marokka’s largest sculpture to date.

WILD LIFE is an innovative exhibition commissioned by Broadgate and in partnership with the Aspinall Foundation that combines physical and digital sculpture to highlight the predicament of endangered animals. Those who visit Finsbury Avenue Square can download the Marokka app and view augmented reality animations of digital sculptures in Marokka’s distinct geometric style.

Marokka is delighted to have a new partnership with The Aspinall Foundation and wants to use Gus to help raise awareness of the plight of gorillas in the wild and to contribute to their protection. For every Gus sculpture sold, Marokka will donate £10 directly to the charity to help support their amazing work.

The Aspinall Foundation helps prevent some of the planet’s most endangered species from becoming extinct. Managing conservation projects in Congo, Gabon, Indonesia and Madagascar, The Aspinall Foundation is one of the most successful breeders of captive endangered animals in the world. Gus will be gifted to The Aspinall Foundation when he has finished featuring as part on London Design Festival on the 24th September.