The newest additions to British Ceramic Tile Specification ranges are fantastically diverse in their styles. From the uber modern Geode Structured Quartz (pictured, below), to the rustic Feature Tile Anthology and, in a suprising direction for the tile manufacturer, Reclaimed Wood.

Geode Structured Quartz

Refracting light from its many facets, Geode looks as crisp as a freshly cut stone. Just as in nature no two crystals take exactly the same shape, no two facets of this tile are alike. Made from a high-tech quartz based material, with a built-in hygienic armour present at surface level and throughout, this range has unique properties of outstanding resistance to scratches, stains and heat whilst being easy to maintain.

The Feature Tile Anthology

Patchwork forms part of the British Ceramic Tile Specification Feature Tile Anthology. A mix of floor and wall multi-use tiles, Patchwork gives a varied feature area. The rectified, ceramic wall tiles have 8 mini-designs in a geometric styling. The R10 porcelain Patchwork multi-use tiles are a selection of 5 very different designs; each box contains a random selection of these.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood is truly unique. Each piece is carefully handcrafted from the wooden hulls of antique ships. Retired long ago, the ships are pulled from the harbour and carefully dismantled by hand. The wood pieces are slowly heat-cured over 60 days before being skillfully handcrafted into statement mosaic pieces that fit perfectly together to form a beautifully varnished wall space. Complete with nail holes, knots, and with no two pieces the same, Reclaimed Wood is a perfect choice for buildings and designs that focus on natural, reclaimed materials that deserve an individualistic look.