To catch your breath and enjoy a moment of calm during Clerkenwell Design Week, head to Welltek’s showroom where you can enjoy a space filled with fresh, filtered air and calming light and where stress management as well as a spot of silence are available throughout the three days.

Workplace wellbeing is a key focus for employers in welcoming people back to the office to thrive, not just survive the 9-5. Enter Welltek’s light, welcoming showroom on Seward Street and breathe in the difference thanks to the Air0 Clean Air System purification system, ensuring indoor air is clean and safe.

The system harnesses state of the art technology to remove even the smallest pollutants from everyday sources such as traffic, smoke, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. Whilst traditional air purifiers need to compromise between purification efficiency and the amount of air flow, Air0’s smAIRt® technology excels in both, which is very important in order to be able to efficiently clean the air for the whole room. Very high filtration efficiency and very high air flow results in exceptionally high amounts of clean air. Visitors to the showroom will also be able to see Artome M10, a state-of-the-art mobile projector and sound-system, which also doubles as an audio-conferencing solution. Perfect for professional-quality presentations in any space.

For those wanting a bit of peace and quiet to get some concentrated work done, Framery One is the perfect place. This innovative booth design incorporates the latest technology, plus leading sound insulation standards and echo-free acoustics so you can’t be overheard or disturbed. It is fully flexible too, with an electric, height-adjustable table which accommodates laptops, personal devices, and workplace essentials. With a height adjustable table and seat, comfort is guaranteed. You can easily adjust the brightness of the light as well, and even the airflow can be altered at a tap of the touchscreen, enabling you to stay fresh and focussed.

Feel like getting away from it all? Take 10 minutes on the Neuron Activation Pod or NAP. It works by affecting relaxation and recovery mechanisms using Neurosonic technology. When your mind is already full and stressed it is difficult to find the mental capacity to help relieve the stress from your hectic life. The technology helps the human body and mind mechanically to a meditation-like state that cares for and prevents stress-related symptoms.

All these elements make Welltek the perfect place to unwind during the hectic three days of Clerkenwell Design Week.

Also don’t miss Tablebed from Welltek at Clerkenwell Design Week’s Project venue in the grounds of St James Church. This innovative, space-saving design can be transformed from a table/desk to a bed in a matter of a few seconds. The single version is perfect for the hospitality market, meaning a console or work desk doubles up as a spare bed for hotel guests, saving house-keeping time. Within the domestic market, Tablebed Double is the perfect solution for hybrid working  – combining a large spacious desk or dining table with a comfortable bed with hotel grade mattresses. Both are available to view at the show.

Clerkenwell Design Week, 24-26 May 2022