For the better part of a year, we have spent most of our time indoors and have been looking for ways to bring the outdoors in, replicating the harmony and peace which being outside brings. Natural textures and nature inspired colours create a beautiful interior scheme that stimulates wellness and calm.

The perfect way to do this is with some stunning nature-inspired luxe lighting fixtures which can also form a central focus to the room. Hudson Valley Lighting Group has a great range of elegant and timeless pieces to choose from that are guaranteed to add a bit of natural charm to any contemporary living space.

Utopia Chandelier

With its style inspiration taken from 1950s Italy where the likes of Gio Ponti made sculptural lighting design popular, this piece offers a refreshing twist of its own with the use of stunning acacia wood shades. The striking depth and texture of the fixture makes it a design classic that is often prevalent in the modern, fashion-conscious home. Also available in a white and metal colourway with polished brass accents, which brightens up the home with its bold monochromatic style that will match any interior theme with ease. Shown in black brass and Acacia Wood, this fixture is available in three varying-sized chandeliers, a striking drop pendant and a traditional wall sconce.

Carayes Chandelier

With its warm tan colouring that has you dreaming of the sunset on a hot day, Carayes evokes a flavour of the tropics blended with a sleek industrial shape. Hand-cut pieces of sustainable rattan form the shade, its natural texture creating an inspired contrast with the stainless-steel accents. This gorgeous design by Martyn Lawrence Bullard is the perfect combination of vintage style while also feeling innately modern. Available in Natural Rattan Stainless Steel in two chandelier sizes, and a traditional wall sconce.

Balboa Pendant

This striking pendant is comprised of sustainably harvested rattan in a calming wave pattern, enhancing a room with its outdoorsy design inspired by natural elements. The alluring

decorative pendant consists of three layers: an inner candelabra body, middle fabric shade, and outer woven form. Paired with the right furniture, you can create a minimalist and functionalist ambience that encapsulates true Scandinavian style. Less is more when it comes to the Balboa pendant, let the lighting do all the talking. Available in a classic Bronze finish with a choice of 3 varying-sized pendants and a traditional but timeless wall sconce.

Rockstar Pendant

With its eccentric, colourful design, the Rockstar pendant encapsulates the room. Multiple unique flat pearl-like pieces are suspended on gold hoops in this vintage stylish design. Finished with a gold Leaf coating which exudes luxury, the candelabra-shaped fixture is the perfect way to give character to any home. Also available as a wall sconce if your preference is to brighten up smaller corners of the room, making the design more subtle but still striking.

Milan Pendant

Gorgeous gold and clear butterflies gleam in the light, evoking a spring to summer mood in the beautiful Milan fixture. The Venetian glass butterflies are hand-blown and dance around a gilded metal frame in this fantastical fixture. Using an ancient Italian technique known as piastra, there is an amber smoke running through the glass of each handmade butterfly. Inspired by vintage Murano pieces the worldly Martyn Lawrence Bullard collected along his travels around the globe, this charming piece is available in a small or large pendant, or to add a bit of romance to a room in a subtle and style way, opt for the classic wall sconce.

Breuer Pendant

From inside a robust ring of hand-harvested Malacca, Breuer’s half-obscured circular diffuser lights up a room. This green material, woven skilfully, makes for a great textural layer to add to your space, the fixture’s shape adding sizable dimension and contrast. As ever, the piece will look beautiful in an eccentric space, but will also add flavour to a more minimal-styled space, such is Hudson Valley Lighting Group’s style that produces pieces that can find a home in nearly any space. The Breuer fixture which will give your home all the rustic charm it needs is available in a small or large-sized pendant.