How does an office need to work to make it through the pandemic – and even more importantly: How will the office work after the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has once again profoundly changed the way we see the office. During the pandemic, offices have had to be remodelled and adjusted to take necessary precautions, so that people feel safe there and can still be productive. The international office expert Bene presents with “THE CORE by Bene” a global office concept on how to navigate these challenging times.


Bene summarises its observations, as well as the challenges and opportunities in relation to the future of the working world, in three key themes:

THE OBVIOUS: During the pandemic, offices need to be remodelled and adjusted to meet necessary safety measures so that people feel safe and can be productive. Concepts need to be developed to fulfil these needs.

THE HIGHER PACE: The way we work is constantly evolving, many aspects of which, such as new styles of leadership and digitalisation, have been significantly accelerated by the pandemic. Collaboration, interaction and the purpose of work are now at the forefront of the discussion and will gain greater importance in the post-pandemic world of work.


THE BIG STRESS TEST: We are currently experiencing the biggest stress test for remote work and the home office. Even the organisations that were reticent have seen how agile working can be utilised for the benefit of the business and employees. However, the workspace is still a vital part of the office landscape from face-to-face exchanges with colleagues, facilitating idea generation, as well as developing and maintaining strong corporate cultures.


“Meeting and communication zones are becoming increasingly important in the office,” says Michael Fried Executive Board member for Sales, Marketing & Innovation at Bene. “The office gives space for ideas and opportunities. It becomes a motor for innovation. The focus is more on teamwork and less on individual work.”


Through the enormous wave of digitalisation it brought about, COVID-19 has accelerated this process even more and has significantly changed the requirements we place on a modern office. Bene developed this office concept to meet these current and future requirements.