Woven Image introduces Gem, a new tactile wall panel, as part of their Dimensional Connections product release

Woven Image brings a renewed sense of connectivity to the workplace with its new collection, Dimensional Connections. By combining three-dimensional textures with the soothing tones of ochre and cinnamon a renewed positive energy is brought into the workplace, whether that be in a home office or in a collaborative corporate environment. Dimensional Connections incorporates Gem the newest addition to the embossed panel series.

Gem is the third design in a growing collection of tactile wall panels, following on from Woven Image’s recent launches of Zen and Ion. Embracing the trend towards more tactile surfaces and three-dimensional textures, the panels interweave cutting-edge design with sustainability and commercial performance. The design of Gem is reminiscent of expanded mesh or netting, off set diamond like shapes create a lattice impression across the panel. Complementing the simplicity of Zen and the complexity of Ion, Gem is the subtle mid-scale design of the trio.

Gem is available in 9 different colourways from subtle neutral tones of frost, vanilla and pebble to the popular mid-tone shades of duck egg blue and peachy blush. Introduced for 2020 are the on trend shades of ochre and cinnamon, which are now colour options for Zen and Ion as well as the Mura wallcovering palette.

Reducing reverberated noise in shared spaces, these acoustic panels are ideal for floor-to-ceiling applications, and pattern match for continuous wall and double-height installations.

Made using 60% recycled content with low VOC emissions, Gem also delivers the environmental credentials which have become synonymous with Woven Image. Achieving third-party certification through Global GreenTag™ (GreenRate Level A), Gem is also Red List Free and has published ingredient transparency through Declare.

About Woven Image

Established in 1987, Woven Image is an international interior finishes company with sustainability and design leadership at its core. Originating in Australia, Woven Image now has offices throughout China, Hong Kong and Singapore and a network of distributors covering all major markets including the UK & Europe, North America and Indo-Pacific regions.

In addition to commercial grade textiles, the product portfolio consists of acoustic surface finishes such as EchoPanel®, suitable for wall, ceiling and space dividing applications in interior spaces including workplace, hospitality and education sectors.

The Woven Image portfolio has been designed with dematerialisation, upcycling and lifecycle management front of mind. Since 2004, they’ve diverted 4594 tonnes of PET, the equivalent of 230 million 600ml plastic drinks bottles, from global landfill and waterways, to make their products. In addition to first-class global environmental certifications, Woven Image also supports GreenFleet to offsets its carbon emissions.