The primary place to relax after a long day and recharge for the next, the bedroom is one of the most important place in the home. You begin and end each day there, so you want to create a space that has a calming ambience, allowing you to relieve the stress of the day. Good lighting plays a key role in ensuring your bedroom is the comfortable, tranquil haven that you deserve.

Hudson Valley Lighting Group (HVLG) has a stunning range of lighting fixtures to accommodate any style and preference, helping you to transform your bedroom in style with its timeless, elegant designs.
Unsure of how to choose the perfect bedroom lighting pieces? HVLG have given an insight into their top tips to make sure you pick the fixture for you, whether it be that you require an ambient chandelier for your main source of lighting, a functional light for completing tasks or accent lighting to up the ante with maximum relaxation in mind.

Get the Ambient Right
Create drama with an elegant chandelier to add character and a focal point to your bedroom. You will get all the ambient lighting you need from a chandelier with a dimmer switch, while also achieving full decorative value. For bedrooms with lower ceilings or spatial conflict with the bed, opt for a flush mount or semi-flush mount as this will inject a bit of fun into the room while still providing that base layer. Flush mounts are also perfect for an adjacent dressing area, while a walk-in closet would be paired best with a glamourous pendant or chandelier.

Fit for the Task at Hand
Typically, you will find task lighting placed right by the bed as it comes in handy for reading or shining a light on something just before you get into bed. Traditionally you could opt for a feature lamp on the bedside table, or for something more striking you can also suspend a one-light pendant or two low on either side of the bed. In more compact spaces, sconces are the best fit: They take up little space and some have switches that can be easily turned off from the comfort of the bed.

Accent Lighting is the Cherry on Top
In rooms designed for unwinding and resting, accent lighting should not be forgotten. To create a warm, chilled ambience, sconces and picture lights are the perfect choice, and can also be used to accentuate a corner of a room, drawing attention to a favourite piece of artwork or furniture. If you have a dressing area in your bedroom, accent lighting can also double up as task lighting, with sconces lighting up your space when choosing clothing and getting dressed for the day. On those early mornings especially when ambient bright lighting is hard to bear, some accent lighting is a great addition to help you ease yourself into the morning at a slower pace.

Silhouette Pendant
From Troy Lighting, the geometric frame of the Silhouette pendant adds a decorative touch to contemporary style while maintaining a timeless, light, and airy feel. A simple cylinder is suspended in a modern design, adding just the right amount of romantic glamour with the pendant’s gorgeous gold Leaf finish. You can’t go wrong by adding a stylish chandelier to the mix, providing an unmissable focal point for any room.

Raef Chandelier
In true simple modern style, the Raef chandelier adds an elegant touch to any design-savvy living space. Telescope-like arms support cylinders of glass, working in harmony to give the impression of movement and purpose, each arm works a different corner of the room filling it with a warm ambiance. This contemporary chandelier will provide a curious focal point with its blending of geometric forms and sophisticated details evocative of a well-oiled machine. Available in a timeless Textured Bronze Brushed Brass finish with a choice of four chandeliers with varying numbers of arms and bulbs, one beautiful pendant and two classic wall sconces.

Ashleigh Chandelier
With its clean lines, classic silhouette, and fun bubble-like glass bulbs, the Ashleigh chandelier is the perfect fit for any interior. For a minimal feel, the fixture will add a touch of class, and for a colourfully designed room, this elegant piece will balance out the room. Opt for the chandelier fixture to make your taste for attainable high design known, or choose the classic wall sconce to add subtle character to the room, providing that always useful bedside lighting. Available in a sleek Polished Nickel finish, adaptable to any style or preference.

Ashleigh Chandelier in Bedroom