Like all big shocks in life, there are a number of stages that human beings go through as we mentally adjust to new times

During the Coronavirus epidemic, everyone will go through the seven stages of anxiety to lesser and greater extents but we all feel better if we recognise where are. More importantly, these are all stages that lead to acceptance, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. SHOCK – the feeling of finding it difficult to understand how this has happened and how serious it sounds, hoping that everything will be ok.
  2. DENIAL – thinking it’s not going to happen to you and if you don’t read the news everything will continue as normal.
  3. SENSE OF IMPENDING DOOM – constantly asking the questions: what’s going to happen? What if I get sick? What if my loved ones get sick? How many people will die? Will we ever get over this? will I lose my job?
  4. DEPRESSION – the horrible feeling that you will never go outside or interact with anyone ever again. The thought that this will be how you must live your life forever.
  5. ANGER – having to listen to everyone on the television on online constantly talking about the Coronavirus, the media scaring everyone to buy all the toilet paper meaning others suffer without it. Having to constantly think about the virus and what it’s doing to people.
  6. HOPE – you get a sense of relief at this stage. Although everything seems scary, we humans are extremely clever. We have been through so much as an existence, if we can get through the plague, we can get through this!
  7. ACCEPTANCE – we know this is happening, we are coming to terms with it and we are not letting it stop us from living life and enjoying the little things. Take care in yourself and others around you and do what you can to help the situation. Especially for those who suffer from anxiety or depression, use this time to find a new hobby, keep your mind busy.

We count the best workplace experts amongst our clients, and we know that is vital right now is that we keep to a routine, run, cycle, work out, eat well and  KEEP COMMUNICATING.

#staystrong #staysafe #keeptalking #thisstormwillpass