Breathe. Focus. Recover.

In these times of national emergency, it is important that we all do whatever we can to help those who are battling on the front line to help keep us safe;  Welltek has taken the initiative to provide technology-based furniture to a London hospital.

Welltek is a leading London-based furniture company, which is dedicated to bringing the best in health technology to the UK workplace, and are the only company in the UK to distribute furniture with Neurosonic technology.

Welltek has answered the call of help from Whipps Cross Hospital in North London and provided a Neurosonic wave and a neuron activation pod for their make-shift Wellness centre at the hospital. The Wellness Centre provides a space for hardworking NHS staff to have a break when working their shift at the hospital.

The Wave mattress and N.A.P from Lo0ok Industries, a ground-breaking Finnish technology company work via sensory tissue stimulation; to help the mind and body relax and recover on a 10-minute programme. The mattress and pod use Neurosonic technology to increase the user’s wellbeing by helping to improve sleep quality, reduce migraine problems, relieve stress and many more ailments both physical and mental.

The science behind Neurosonic technology affects human natural relaxation and recovery mechanisms. The N.A.P and wave technology guides the human body and mind mechanically to a meditation-like state that minimises and prevents stress-related symptoms. Sleep mechanisms are restored, and at the same time, many other stress triggers in the body and mind are corrected.

The Neurosonic technology is based on sensory tissue stimulation, built-in elements transmit a very low-frequency (20-100 Hz) sinusoidal vibration, which is targeted simultaneously to the whole body. As a natural mechanism, vibration affects your body calmly via the autonomic nervous system and the mind. The treatment brings a new dimension to fixing stress-based symptoms and is used to enhance the quality of sleep, to ease stress, muscle tensions and swelling. It activates metabolism and assists in both physical and mental recovery.

Neil Jenkins founder and Managing Director of Welltek commented:

“I had the pleasure of meeting many hard-working doctors and nurses at Whipps Cross Hospital in London this week, our NHS staff are working tirelessly to keep us safe in these very difficult times without a thought for their own safety and we are delighted to be able to help in any way we can. By providing the Wellness centre with a wave and N.A.P we hope to make much-needed recovery breaks more relaxing and comfortable. Products have only been on site for a few days and already the feedback has been incredible”.

Dr Jessica Best Ophthalmology Education Fellow, Education Academy Whipps Cross said

“Thank you so much for coming all the way to Whipps Cross, you made the staff very happy today. Many thanks for the Neurosonic products- we are so excited to have them in the department”.

Welltek has now started a campaign to get as many Neurosonic products to hospitals as quickly as possible and are in the process of working with partners to do this.