Often associated with causing stress, could the design of our workplaces actually provide spaces to help de-stress?

Gary Helm, Founder of Obo, delves into how the design of a workplace can assist in managing health. A 2017 syndicated research project, Wellness Together, found that environmental factors can and do have an impact on the performance of staff and their level of wellness at work.

Conducted by independent researchers, the study asked people what they thought was important in the environments they work in. The results were resounding in the respect that participants all cited the design and choice of lighting, acoustics, furniture choices and ventilation as being important factors in the workplace. Getting these wrong can drastically affect wellness. 48% of the 1000 participants said that the design of their workplace had a notable effect on their decision to remain with or leave an employer.

For full details of the research, download the press release or contact [email protected]