In 2018 the first Mad World Forum was held in London. Mad World is Europe’s only solutions-focused conference and exhibition with a clear mission: to eradicate stigma and spark a new era of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

An Advisory Board Member and sponsor of the Forum, Gary Helm is an advocate for supporting efforts to create working environments that help, rather than hinder, those who live with mental health issues. Gary’s interest in the role of workplace in people’s lives led to him founding obo, a workplace specialist that puts people first.

Read what Gary has to say about the role of the design of workplaces in benefitting those that use them over on the Mad World Forum website. Click here to jump.

An increasing issue in the workplace, the lack of awareness of the issues that surround mental health and wellbeing is alarming. But the creators of the Mad World Forum have set out to right this wrong and show how the workplace can be a change-maker, supporting those that need it.


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