Parisian fashion brand Coperni has collaborated with Swiss furniture company USM to create stunning boutiques at some of the World’s most prestigious department stores including Selfridges in London and a soon to be revealed boutique in Harvey Nichols.

Coperni was founded in 2013 by the two designers Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, whose experiences in the studios of Balenciaga and Chanel infuses a masterful knowledge of material intricacies streamlined with a linear sensibility that marries origami- like technique with a neat sportif silhouette. The avant-garde luxury label approached USM at the 2019 Paris Fashion Week, beginning their collaboration with a stunning installation in Printemps Haussmann, Paris.

Coperni has chosen USM Haller to design its striking boutiques, Sebastien Meyer the creative director of Coperni, has envisioned a new ‘techno chic’ for the unique retail experience in these pop-ups, drawing inspiration from the clean lines and sleek design of the iconic USM Haller, complementing Coperni’s futuristic and cutting-edge styles.

USM comprises both the vast wall structures that gives an unmistakable identity to Coperni and various furniture pieces including counters, podiums and racks. This perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality offers an ideal and distinctive showcase for Coperni’s collections.

The modularity of USM allows several benefits creating striking wall structures, as well as displaying the fashion brands product. The modular design can easily be fitted to the spaces exact requirements and can of course be adapted, reconfigured or rebuilt in different forms and functions for further installations.