USM Haller furniture is the ultimate furniture to store vinyl, keeping much loved records beautifully displayed and organised, with the furniture’s dimensions perfectly Intune with a 12-inch LP.  For many people the pieces of media that they collect and the devices on which they are played are amongst their most treasured possessions. No one knows this more than a collector of vinyl – they cherish the memories that their collections of LPs’ conjure and often become deeply attached to the idiosyncrasies of their equipment – the particular crackle of a turn table; the familiar sound of a well-loved speaker system.

Finding a storage unit to house such a precious collection, that also fits in with the owner’s furniture tastes and has the added flexibility to grow as further additions are acquired, can be a difficult task.

USM Haller is the solution; its sleek and striking aesthetic is the perfect fit for the modern vinyl collector. USM Haller furniture celebrates its 60th birthday next year, a testament to the timeless qualities of this exceptional modular furniture system. The success of USM is due to its simple yet ingenious design.

From a few basic components a beautiful and iconic piece of furniture is built, USM Haller has been designed to grow with its environment ever changing needs, no matter how much an avid vinyl collector you are.

It is the Swiss precision in which the components are made that gives the furniture the strength, versatility and clean lines that have made USM Haller a design classic. Launched on to the market in 1965 the USM Haller system has become a watchword for timeless design all over the world. In 1988 it was decided in Germany for the first time ever that the USM Haller furniture system is a work of applied art and should be protected by copyright. Its acceptance into the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York (USA) at the end of 2001 was a high distinction and confirmed the artistic character of the product.

All products are available in the signature 14 colours which range from monochromes to pops of colours including golden yellow and a gentian blue.

Once purchased the furniture can be reconfigured if desired with additional panels and tubes purchased through the USM London showroom and the UK based dealers which can be found here: