Welltek, the innovative London based wellness technology brand, is exhibiting the new cutting-edge Neurosonic 2 Wave Mattress, and co-ordinating app at the Watercooler Event. Set to take place from May 25th– 26th 2022, the Watercooler Event is a 2-day exhibition and conference on wellbeing and the future of work. The event brings together the very latest thinking from over 100 experts, alongside actionable and tangible solutions, to holistically support mental health and wellbeing of employees across the UK and beyond.

Visitors to the Welltek stand will be able to try out the extraordinary benefits of the Neurosonic 2 wave mattress. The mattress produces low-frequency vibrations that have a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. It directs the body to a meditation-like state, which relieves stress, improves recovery, and restores healthy sleep mechanisms. The eight programs created through comprehensive research are designed for different needs including jet lag and migraines.

The Neurosonic 2 Wave Mattress uses revolutionary Neurosonic Wave technology, proven to bring a whole new dimension to alleviating stress-based symptoms and is used to enhance the quality of sleep, to ease stress, muscle tensions and swelling. It activates the metabolism and assists in both physical and mental recovery. To make the technology more efficient, a new mobile application is being launched at the event to control the Wave mattress wirelessly, allowing the recipient to select their preferred program area for relaxation, activation, or recovery. Wave also comes with Sennheiser’s high quality headphones and a music licence with preloaded, specially designed music to aid the relaxation process.

Marco Kärkkäinen, Chief Scientific Officer, had this to comment:

“What does a zebra do when it has managed to escape the lion? It shakes itself. The purpose of this natural mechanism is to calm and relieve the stress reaction. Neurosonic produces this same natural effect – and thus takes relaxation and recovery to a completely new level.”

The Watercooler is the optimum environment to exhibit Neurosonic Wave’s vibrant and ground-breaking technology. The event takes traditional attitudes and values and turns them on their heads as companies, from FTSE 100 highflyers through to humble SMEs and the smallest start-up, create and sustain a collaborative culture of care. This aligns nicely with Welltek’s brand mission, which is to create an environment that not only inspires but which actively improves the health and wellbeing of consumers and employees. This is all illustrated against the business-minded and historic venue of Olympia London.