In April, Prolojik celebrates its 20th Birthday. From humble beginnings with Founder and CTO Asela Rodrigo and two colleagues, to a team of 52, the world of lighting and technology has moved on at an exponential pace. Light and lighting controls have become the heart of a commercial building, providing a unique combination of business-critical data.

It was on a chilly Sunday morning bike ride around central London that Asela and his fellow Director Mark Vincent, not only admired some of the inspiring London architecture but also took stock of Prolojik’s achievements and some of the capital’s influential landmarks and companies that Prolojik have worked with, including More London, Saatchi & Saatchi, Kings College, Bloom Farringdon, London Wall Place, Charlotte Street and UCL.

To mark 20 years of growth and achievements, Prolojik felt it was time to take a look at its branding and make sure that it was aligned with all of the firm’s key messaging.


Prolojik logo

Prolojik is about people… this means colleagues and clients. A new vision for 2022 saw the company wanting to develop the brand in a way that people could relate to, starting a deeper conversation with clients and a return to the core values which has underpinned the business’ growth. Prolojik wanted to bring joy and optimism while also communicating its wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise and re-enforcing the reliability and trust that it has built up over the years.

The firm worked on evolving the brand: simplifying it and adding clarity to the marque. It is built upon a classic font style, so it will always remain fresh, to bring authority, simplicity and confidence, whilst keeping it approachable and most importantly, legible!

But the brand isn’t just about the new logo. The pure circles within the logo create a halo; a circle that is friendly, enclosing and warm. A circle of trust. This also gives a wonderfully versatile element that can be used in many ways through all communications, across all platforms, and that can also constantly evolve. This really brings the brand to life and keeps the business looking to the future.

Where there are people, there’s Prolojik!