Vintage Playing Cards specialises in hand-made greeting cards, frames, clocks and gifts made from individually sourced original vintage games including playing cards, and 1920’s parlour games. This Valentine’s Day, VPC has curated an innovative selection of delightful gifts for loved ones.

The sustainable element to the products is something to really appreciate with handmade craftmanship, creating things to last and reusing materials being a large part of Vintage Playing Cards values. Simple yet stylised is the name of the game with the presents below, using phrases connoting to love so you can show precisely what you mean this Valentine’s Day.

Charlie Brown makes a feature on this Vintage Playing Cards instalment, it oozes playful and exuberant energy in all the right ways, offering a charming touch for home décor, or on the other hand, a truly light-hearted yet thought-provoking present this Valentine’s Day. The Snoopy bundle features an original vintage snoopy frame and ace of hearts card gift wrapped and with a gift tag.

Another Vintage Playing Card piece worth considering is this beautiful Valentine’s Day piece. Simply put and stylistically eccentric, sometimes it’s best to articulate exactly what you mean. ‘Love’ illustrates a warm and endearing sense of quirky energy. The love bundle contains a unique frame containing individual vintage cards sourced from a 1930s game spelling out ‘Love’ an ace of heart card all gift wrapped and with a tag.

All in all, these amusing, one-of-a-kind selections provide a new and interesting gifting experience for Valentine’s Day.

Another facet of the Vintage Playing Cards skill set is personalisation. Being able to tailor a gift to the recipient is both exciting and endearing. A quite delightful gift idea for a loved one, platonic or romantic.

Classic movie quotes take the form of the perfect gift in this instance. Framed and double mounted, these pockets of sunshine will brighten up a loved-ones face. If you’re looking for the ideal Valentine’s Day present, look no further.

Also available from Vintage Playing Cards is a beautiful selection of greeting cards – perfect for Valentine’s Day. These cards are gifts by themselves. Real collector’s items. The playing cards are mounted on cream cards with matching envelopes and left blank for your own personal message.