As Autumn turns to Winter, bringing creative lighting into the home is the best way to create a warm and comforting atmosphere and embrace the season. Hudson Valley Lighting Group (HVLG) has a range of beautiful lights that will create a cosy and seductive atmosphere to combat the shorter days. The range of light fixtures is timeless and effortlessly blends from season to season. Let HVLG inspire you with its top picks and tips for lighting fixtures this Winter.

To create a cosy atmosphere with appropriate lighting, there are a few key components you need to consider:

Pile on the Layers

To create a cosy atmosphere, you can layer lighting using 3-4 fixtures. For the main lighting fixture, known as ambient lighting, find a standout chandelier to make its presence known. Then add in some task lighting that will be useful in illuminating focused tasks like reading or working at a desk. To add the finishing touches to the room, do not forget about accent lighting. This could be anything from wall sconces to floor lamps, which draw attention to certain features in a room.

Out of the Spotlight

Ceiling spotlights are intense. It’s best to use them mainly in the kitchen or bathroom where task lighting is needed, otherwise, you risk creating an ambiance that feels office-like rather than relaxing. To create a cosy atmosphere a series of elegant pendants over a kitchen island or a stunning chandelier placed over a dining table are excellent choices. The same applies to living rooms or bedrooms, with the addition of some table lamps to complete the mood.

Dimming Down

Installing a dimmer switch on your focal lighting is a smart way of accommodating the moods of different occasions. Most people find bright lights in the evening to be unsettling but on some occasions, you may want the option to brighten the room.

Concentrate on Corners

Focus on the corners of the room with a variety of lighting. Lamps on side tables, sideboards, and shelves are ways to make the room look more original and textured. Picture lights can also be used to illuminate art pieces.

Choose from some of our favorite fixtures below to create hygge in your home this winter


The Chloe wall sconce is a beautiful decorative fixture suitable for accent lighting and adding visual interest to your space. The aged brass warms up the wall and contrasts the marble backplate creating a cozy and stylish atmosphere on an autumn evening.


The Mia lamp is a playful bedside table lamp that comes in stunning aged brass. The eye-catching shape will add some fun to your room whilst the bronze and marble effect base always looks smart and elegant. It will warm up the room on an autumnal night whilst also looking chic throughout the rest of the year.



The Angela pendant is a unique design. The fixture hangs from a rope that ties through the back-plate. The playful design that is both utilitarian and relaxed will enhance the atmosphere of the room. With the choice of a sleek brass, bronze, or nickel backplate the light fixture is elevated and will look elegant in any corner of your home.