We would like to congratulate Communications Executive Sophie Hill, who is celebrating her one-year work anniversary at Informare this week.

Sophie started her role with us one week into the first lockdown, and what a strange time to start a new job it was! One year on, we are in our third lockdown, but things are starting to look brighter.

Sophie said: ‘Despite the pandemic, my first year at Informare has gone by very fast and I have enjoyed getting to grips with my role which a year ago was all very new to me. However, I feel like there is still so much to learn and experience and hopefully this will become easier as we begin to return to normal.’

Sophie has shared with us some of her highlights from the past year at Informare, as well as things she is looking forward to in the future below.


  • Keeping the Informare social media pages and website alive from joining the team in March 2020 at the beginning of the first lockdown to around September when Amber took over
  • Meeting the Informare team properly in person after months of Teams calls, realising they were real people, not just images on a screen!
  • Working closely with the lovely teams at Concert, HDR | Hurley Palmer Flatt, and BW, as well as Workspace Show, which is a new event.
  • Meeting some of the fun team at FUTURE Designs for client socials (when we were allowed!)
  • Summer trips to the Tate Modern, Design Museum, and Warwick to meet Elegant Clutter
  • Events for Humanlumen and Marokka, helping on the day as well as promoting leading up to the day
  • Helping BDG with photo shoots as well as helping at the Surface Design Awards judging day
  • Writing and distributing many press releases for various clients, from construction to lighting and everything in between. Not forgetting a special mention for the countless fun consumer releases produced for Vintage Playing Cards!
  • Managing social media accounts for other clients on an ad-hoc basis
  • Meeting a countless number of people virtually!
  • Mentoring with the lovely Rachael Little who is also our yoga teacher!
  • More recently getting involved with Heart of the City, a scheme that helps businesses kickstart their responsible business journey
  • Lockdown yoga with Rachael and kickboxing with Joh, barely missing a session even though I’ve been tempted to many times!


Looking forward to:

  • Less Teams and zoom calls, working with an unstable internet connection…
  • Spending less time sat working at my kitchen table, and hopefully a bit more time in the office!
  • The Informare conference trip to Palma, which fingers crossed isn’t going to be rescheduled too many times…
  • Helping the team at Workspace Show during the build up and on the day of their inaugural event in November
  • Meeting clients I’ve been working with for months and months in person – someday!
  • More trips, events and client socials, hopefully! Getting to experience the world of PR properly!