As the world begins to reopen with a renewed sense of optimism, Woven Image introduces New Horizons a collection of prints, new colours and patterns that embraces a fresh start for the work place.

Designed to support the interior finishes company’s hero products including the award-winning EchoPanel®, New Horizons pushes the boundaries of these tried and trusted materials to further innovate and inspire in a new interior world.

As new working patterns evolve, the workplace now comprises a fusion of the home office with the commercial environment, creating more spaces for collaborative work and one-on-one quiet areas. This re-enforces the importance of flexible interior solutions that can provide the acoustic protection needed in open-plan office floorplates.

In response to these growing trends, Woven Image releases two new colour additions for the EchoPanel® 12mm palette, along with an elegant precision cut EchoPanel® design called Empire. Completing the new offering is a new multi-functional textile pattern, ‘Focus Hoop’ providing a flexible fabric suitable for seating, as well as upholstered & vertical wrapped panel applications.

The prevalent design language of New Horizons mimics the concept of a new start, a sunrise, a new energy and a sense of cosiness or ‘hygge’ via classic organic forms found in nature. Arcs, curves & gentle flowing linework as well as subtle textures and a focus on the earthy tones of Cinnamon, warm Grey and comforting marle effect neutrals define this concept.

The 12mm EchoPanel® palette extends to a total of 33 colourways, with the addition of Cinnamon and a mid-tone warm Slate Grey hue. To celebrate this colour palette extension, Woven Image have introduced Empire, an elegant precision-cut acoustic wall panel.

Empire beautifully encapsulates the ‘New Horizons’ concept mimicking arcs and archways and vertical line work and is available in all 12mm EchoPanel® colours. Specifically engineered with a bevelled edge, Empire panels can be beautifully incorporated into design schemes which feature EchoPanel® Longitude, without a visible join line, and delivers acoustic performance to commercial interiors.

Woven Image’s Focus fabric collection has been transformed with a trend-driven print design called Hoop, which is available in 12 colourways. The design language speaks to archways and curves, found in classical architecture and references organic circles and a simplicity of form with fine flowing linework. The larger scale of this design suits multi-functional applications, suitable for wrapped panels or screens for privacy and acoustic separation, as well as general and task seating.

The pattern of Focus Hoop is printed onto two subtle marle-effect backgrounds and includes the key seasonal colours of Cinnamon and Orchid. Secondary colours of Blush, Jade, Ochre and Pacific Blue tie the mid-tone palette together with accents of Cream and Navy and neutral tones of Slate Grey and Pebble complete this beautiful patterned textile collection.

The new hybrid culture of work, merging the home office with commercial collaborative spaces identifies the need for acoustic multi-function solutions in the traditional workplace. The Woven Image ‘New Horizons’ launch evokes a sense of comfort and an evolution of the definition of workplace whilst providing the best in acoustics solutions.