The Power of Negative Ions – Welltek introduces the Bosse ION-Cloud to ensure the cleanest & healthiest air in commercial interiors

Welltek is the leading provider of smart furniture that supports wellbeing in the workplace and commercial environments. Welltek’s aim is to improve the office environment, with a greater focus on enhanced wellbeing in every element of design. There are new concerns about the importance of the air we breathe and the effects on our health and with this in mind Welltek introduces the Bosse ION-Cloud to its portfolio.

The Bosse ION-Cloud generates pure air that has a direct positive effect on your mental and physical well-being. The negative ions adhere to positively charged, harmful particles in the air, thus inactivating viruses, neutralising bacteria and rendering pollen, fungal spores, smoke particles and fine dust harmless. The Bosse ION-Cloud can be configured in any hotel room or retrofitted at any time.

The Bosse ION-Cloud draws inspiration from nature, where negative ions are responsible for the purity of the air and wellbeing which is why humans are drawn to the sea, mountains, waterfalls or countryside. The ION-Cloud technology transports this vitality into commercial interiors.

In reaction to the COVID19 crisis Bosse has had the ION-Cloud undergo scientific studies with regard to its effect on bacteria and viruses (influenza, coronavirus, staphylococcus aureus). The tests were performed by Prof. Dr. Truyen of Leipzig University who introduced viruses to the pod in aerosol form to make the testing as realistic as possible.

Prof. Dr. Truyen said “The results of our test series were very impressive and have exceeded my expectations. It was possible to inactivate and neutralise all viruses and bacteria and the quantity of pathogens in the test run was reduced by 95%. The Bosse Ionizer system is an effective tool to inactivate, and thus render harmless, relevant viruses and bacteria in the indoor air”.

The benefits of negative ions affect your health, body and mind includes:

Health – inactivates viruses, neutralises bacteria, fungus & spores, strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to illnesses, reduces the quantity of carcinogenic hydrocarbons in the air by approx. 75%, activates the body’s cells, increases oxygen intake in the blood improves the metabolism.

Body – alleviates allergies, reduces asthma attacks, alleviates arthritis pain, balances out blood pressure, alleviates inflammation, accelerates recovery from injuries and operations.

Mind – increases and extends the ability to concentrate, boosts cognitive performance, helps with depression, improves your mood, balances & promotes alpha waves in the brain, combats tiredness, headaches & nervousness.

About Welltek

Welltek, an Office Blueprint brand, is a London-based furniture company specialising in commercial interiors, acoustics, and workplace flexibility. Office Blueprint was established in 2003, with the founders coming from within the industry, and their combined expertise spans over three decades. Welltek has a large range of design-led commercial furniture to create the perfect blueprint for an inspirational environment.