Woven Image the International interior finishes company supplies acoustic solutions to the contract market. In response to the overwhelming increase of homeworking they have introduced several acoustic home office solutions to assist in creating a productive and positive homeworking environment. Made from Woven Images innovative EchoPanel® acoustic panel, the products have great sound absorption features, and easily fold away to restore your workspace back to a home when not in use.

Get Comfortable with Cocoon

Create the perfect study corner with Cocoon, a free-standing collapsible screen with hinged connectors enabling it to flexibly curve around your homeworking space. If you are working from home in a shared space, the screen gives you just that little bit more privacy that you need both visually and acoustically, and creates a professional backdrop perfect for those non-stop video conference calls. Cocoon can also be used as a pinboard, allowing you to personalise the screen with your favourite picture or notes that you might need to be able to access easily. Choose from a selection of 6 smart colours and 2 heights, 1400mm and 1750mm.

Let Desktop Help You Deal with the Day

Able to be arranged in many ways to adapt to your home workspace needs, Desktop is a screen solution that can be folded around your PC or used as a tabletop screen partition to help you divide up a shared workspace, allowing you to get the space you need to concentrate better while working from home. Features include enhanced visual privacy, reduced screen glare and improved audio clarity when taking calls. Desktop is lightweight and portable, meaning that you can easily set yourself up in another room when you need that slight change of scenery to inspire productivity. Desktop is also pinnable, so you can personalise your space with special pictures and important notes. Available in 6 modern colours, great for creating a professional feel while at home.

Divide and Conquer Your To-Do List with the Help of a Room Divider

Perfect for use in open plan homes, Woven Image offer a great range of room dividing screens to enable pop-up work areas to be created flexibly. Without having a designated room for your home office, these room dividers offer the best solution for privacy within a room. Choose from a large variety of room dividers to suit your personal style including the popular foldable Platoon system, now offered in a wide selection of colours, with a choice of charcoal or cream joiners.

About Woven Image®

Established in 1987, Woven Image is an international interior finishes company with sustainability and design leadership at its core. Originating in Australia, Woven Image now has offices throughout China, Hong Kong and Singapore and a network of distributors covering all major markets including the UK & Europe, North America and Indo-Pacific regions.

In addition to commercial grade textiles, the product portfolio consists of acoustic surface finishes such as EchoPanel®, suitable for wall, ceiling and space dividing applications in interior spaces including workplace, hospitality and education sectors.

The Woven Image portfolio has been designed with dematerialisation, upcycling and lifecycle management front of mind. Since 2004, Woven Image have upcycled 4415 tonnes of PET, which is equivalent to over 220 million 600ml plastic drinks bottles. In addition to first-class global environmental certifications, Woven Image also supports GreenFleet to offset its carbon emissions.