Home Comforts

The rise of the freelance economy, tech start-ups, mobile technology and the trend for co-working has undoubtedly penetrated the culture, design and expectation of where, when and how people work. This brings new pressures and choice for both workers trying to balance work and personal life, and for organisations as they try to meet the expectations of being an attractive place to work.

Advances in personal computing, communications devices, storage clouds and the near paperless nature of work is enabling more people than ever to work remotely. Cafés resemble living rooms, restaurants feel like home kitchens, and modern work spaces are full of home comforts.

In a bid to increase or maintain employee happiness, attract new talent, and make working in the office more attractive, forward-thinking companies create spaces that people want to be in, using functional modern office furniture can represent the values of a flexible workplace that balances a work-life ratio. The new style is a more nuanced, inclusive and thoughtful place than the open-plan office, which can often create problems with concentration and productivity.

Of course, the main criteria for workplace furniture is for it to function well, but a great design enables an employee to develop a more personal connection; furniture that is tactile and comforting, with a nod towards a domestic environment.

Knightsbridge the award-winning British furniture manufacturer understand the need to create office furniture which is ergonomic, functional but has a homely aesthetic. The range of commercial office furniture and modern workplace furniture is designed in-house with a focus on style and versatility. With an emphasis on informality, the contemporary workplace furniture range contains products designed to suit a variety of rooms and workspaces. Each piece has been crafted with employee wellbeing in mind, helping to create comfortable environments that foster creativity and productivity.

New additions to their collections include Climb which is a clever modular seating system which encourages the user to climb and play with the furniture. The design of climb means that the modular sections can either be freestanding or connected and allows for a variety of modular shapes to be created to suit the environments exact requirements. Light weight and easy to relocate, the modules are ideal for pairing with the Itsy Laptop table to create a flexible working environment.

Knightsbridge has also collaborated with British designers David Fox, Sean Dare and Alys Bryan to create collections which are perfect for contemporary offices spaces.

Bebop is a range of flexible modular seating and booths designed by International award-winning furniture designer David Fox. The Bebop booth and study bays are designed to allow for occasional meetings giving both privacy and comfort, whilst the simple curves of sectional seating designed to display comfort. High and low back seating can be mixed and matched allowing for collaborative work environments.

Dizzi designed by Alys Bryan has sweeping upholstery curves which cradle you in comfort, with a seemingly simple form that is both welcoming and joyful. The compact footprint of the Dizzi lounge chair makes it ideal for modern break out spaces.

Alfie is a striking lounge chair; it features angular lines complemented with a masculine finish making it the perfect stand-alone feature for a meeting room or breakout space. Designed in collaboration with Sean Dare Alfie encourages social interaction between colleagues and heightens productivity and the wellbeing of employees by crafting a piece to be remarkably reminiscent of the home environment.