FUTURE Designs launches photography competition Lightography

 FUTURE Designs, the international designer and manufacturer of luminaires and bespoke lighting solutions, has launched a new Instagram photography competition 

The competition is called Lightography. Entrants are asked to imagine our world without artificial light distorting the environment around us. Since mankind discovered fire our reliance on manufactured light has increased from the candle to an electric lamp, and in our technology driven world we are surrounded by artificial lighting emanating from computers, cars, tablets and phones. 

The intentionally open brief allows for the creative exploration of natural light through images without manufactured light interference. 

Photos are to be taken on mobile phones only, following the chosen theme of natural light which includes any time during our 24-hour circadian rhythm, enabling the use of the sunlight and its reflection via the moon, daydawn, dusk or night to illuminate your image, or these mediums can be the image itself. 

The images must be uploaded to Instagram and must tag FUTURE Designs @lightthefuture and use the #lightographyfd. 

The judging panel includes: 

Judging will consist of a shortlist being formed, followed by the announcement of the winners by the 15th October. This will be followed by an awards event at the CLERKENWELL Lighthouse, where prizes will be awarded including the first place prize of a new iPhone XS. 

FUTURE Designs will donate a minimum of £10 per entry to The Children’s Trust Tadworth. You may enter up to three images with your entry. Only one entry per person. Entry is free. The deadline is the 15th September 2019. 

To register your interest please contact [email protected]