A North American-based business, Hudson Valley Lighting Group (HVLG) has been designing high quality, high design interior lighting for more than thirty years.

Its four industry recognised brands – Hudson Valley Lighting, Mitzi, Troy and Corbett – are united by common principles: the pursuit of excellence, a design-driven culture, attention to ever-changing environmental considerations and commitment to the highest possible quality. Leveraging a vast network of engineering skills and capabilities, the family of brands pushes the envelope with each new collection, responding with agility to market demands and covering everything from luxe to industrial.

Founder David Littman hails from a family deeply embedded in lighting design and manufacturing. David’s grandfather, William Littman, was greatly inspired by fluorescent lighting introduced to the mainstream building industry at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. He went on to establish a lighting company and by 1947, what began as a Brooklyn garage-based business moved upstate to expand operations in the Hudson River Valley. David’s own apprenticeship to the lighting industry began when he was in high school when he started working in the warehouse of his father’s commercial lighting factory. Though David moved to Boston to attend BU and earn a bachelors in accounting, he returned each summer to resume duties in the business. After graduating in 1985 with an MBA in finance, David decided to come home and build his career in Orange County. At only twenty-three, he took the helm of his own business in Newburgh, NY where Hudson Valley Lighting continues to reside.

A distinctive influence on Hudson Valley Lighting families is David’s love of fine objects, which began when he assisted his mother with her antique collecting. Helping build her collection gave David an appreciation for how beautiful objects can transform your experience of the every day.

“We design and build beautiful fixtures for people who put quality first – for people who are not willing to trade off that increasingly rare characteristic,” David explains. “Our aim is to make a space absolutely incredible; therefore, our first goal is always to deliver the best fixture we can. Of course, we can only achieve that goal if we keep our products within reach of customers who understand the lasting value of a well-made fixture but cannot simply disregard price entirely”.

Quality, beauty, and value are what Hudson Valley Lighting Group do better than anyone else in the business.

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