For a talk led by FUTURE Designs‘ consultant sleep expert, Dr Neil Stanley, the architectural lighting specialists welcomed the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management to its Clerkenwell showroom for the first time.

The talk gave a revealing insight into how workplace lighting can impact on sleep and other areas of wellbeing, such as anxiety, stress and depression. Find out more here.

Recently Dr Neil Stanley sat down with journalist and writer Grant Gibson to discuss his book and what it takes to get a good nights’ sleep. The discussion was recorded in front of a live audience and is now available as a podcast. You can listen to the podcast here:


Gibson, the former editor of Blueprint and Crafts, has a series of podcasts called Material Matters, in which he talks to designers, artists and makers about their relationship to a particular material or technique with which they’re intrinsically linked.

As well as Spotify & Apple Podcasts, listeners can follow Grant’s LinkedIn and Instagram profiles to find out more about the Material Matters series one episodes.

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