Clerkenwell Design Week, one of London’s leading design festivals, is set to return for another exciting edition from May 23-25, 2023. This highly anticipated event brings together architects, designers, brands, and design enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate creativity and explore the latest trends in design.

Informare has a selection of clients who will be participating, showcasing new products and hosting talks from industry experts.

Humanscale, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic furniture, in collaboration with Todd Bracher, will be showcasing Path, the world’s most sustainable and inclusive task chair. Path adapts to the user’s body without any manual adjustments, making it the perfect task chair for anyone, regardless of their body type.

Visitors to Old Sessions House, a key venue during Clerkenwell Design Week, will have the opportunity to see and appreciate the properties of Path for themselves. Upcycling more plastic waste than any other chair in the industry, Path is certified climate positive and is the most sustainable chair on the market due to its composition and manufacturing process.

Todd Bracher, Humanscale’s Creative Director and the founder of Studio Bracher, an award-winning design and strategy firm, will be part of the ICON talks programme. He will be in conversation with Jessica-Christin Hametner, Editor in Chief of ICON magazine as part of its 20th year anniversary programme at Old Sessions House on Tuesday 23 May at 1.30pm.

Also at Old Sessions House, Informare Head of Content and freelance journalist Helen Parton will once again showcase her passion for moderating talks, chairing a session at Tuesday 23rd at 4:30pm discussing how murals can change the face of the built landscape and create a citywide gallery for visitors and occupants alike to enjoy. Speakers include Russell Potter, Co-Founding Director at SODA, Hanna Benihoud, Artist and Anthony Burrill, Graphic Artist.

Over in Central Street, USM Modular Furniture will feature an installation that looks back to the office of the 60s, complete with telephones, typewriters, ashtrays and whisky glasses. The installation highlights how much the office has changed in the last 50 years, with just one enduring presence: that of USM.

This is not purely a retrospective showcase, the company will also be presenting the changing landscape of the office through its deep dive into the office with the Institute of the Future, resulting in the publication of Office Shock, authored by Joseph Press, Bob Johansen and Christine Bullen.

USM will host a panel discussion entitled Office Shock – Creating Better Futures for Working and Living on Wednesday 24th at 4pm. The panel will include futurist and Office Shock co-author Joseph Press and Colin Macgadie, chief executive officer of Hubl, along with Ian Weddell from USM. They will discuss the future of the office including what the future of the workplace looks like and what we can do now to prepare ourselves for uncertain futures. This is against the background of the implications of COVID-19, which created an opportunity to ask why we work in offices at all.

Key manufacturers Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co will also be taking part and marking their presence at Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 with their newly opened showroom.

Join Kusch+Co at their showroom on Tuesday, May 23rd at 3pm, where Veronika Köpp will be giving a short talk about design and introducing the new range called Genya – a product with design and sustainability at its forefront. The following day, Wednesday, May 24th at 3pm, there will be an opportunity to meet Simon Schossboek, the designer behind the concept of Brainy.


Tuesday 23rd May

 What: Humanscale – Todd Bracher ICON talk

When: 1:30pm

Where: Old Sessions House, 23 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0NA


What: Kusch+CO – Designer talks with Veronika Köpp

When: 3pm

Where: Kusch+Co, 58 St. John’s Square, London EC1V 4JG


What: Humanscale – Helen Parton talk

When: 4:30pm

Where: Old Sessions House, 23 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0NA

Wednesday 24th May

What: Kusch+CO – Designer talks with Simon Schossbeck

When: 3pm

Where: Kusch+Co, 58 St. John’s Square, London EC1V 4JG

What: USM Modular Furniture – Panel Discussion

When: 4pm

Where: USM Modular Furniture, 49-51 Central Street, London, EC1V 8AB