At this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) 23-25 May Humanscale will be presenting Path, its inclusive and sustainable task chair at an exclusive pop up at Old Sessions House. Humanscale Design Director Todd Bracher will also be in London for CDW and will be part of the ‘ICON at 20’ talks programme.

During the 3 days visitors to Old Sessions House will be able to see and experience Path in an installation within the beautiful surroundings of what was once the nation’s largest courthouse, referenced in Dickens’ Oliver Twist. Designed in collaboration with Todd Bracher and Humanscale Design Studio, Path is not only the world’s most sustainable task chair but is also the world’s most inclusive task one.

Path uses physics to comfortably fit 95% of users and crucially body types without any complex adjustments. Whilst most chairs are made to fit an imaginary average person, forcing each real user to adjust a series of knobs and levers until they’re comfortable. The further that users’ height or weight is from ‘average’, the more work that takes to align everything correctly. Path is built differently, instinctively and instantly adapting to each user without any manual adjustment. Each Path contains a patented Gravity Mechanism™ that utilises the users body which means as you sit, the mechanism engages. When you recline, it gently lifts, so your body becomes the natural counterbalance, and is firmly supported wherever it stops. This creates virtual pivot points that allow Path to move with you in complete harmony.

At the exclusive pop-up, visitors will also be able to see and appreciate the properties of Path for themselves. Path represents a new benchmark, upcycling more plastic waste than any other chair in the industry. It is certified climate positive and is the most sustainable chair on the market because of both its composition and manufacturing process. Path uses  nearly 10kg of recycled content, which includes ocean plastic, post-consumer plastic bottles and post -industrial material.

Old Sessions House will also be the home of the ICON talks programme which has a stellar line up of speakers including Tom Dixon, Yinka Ilori as well as Humanscale’s Todd Bracher.

Todd is part designer, entrepreneur and scientist. He leverages these tools to lead opportunities that affect the human condition for the better. As the founder of Studio Bracher, an award-winning design and strategy firm, Todd has two decades of experience creating innovative products, building meaningful brands, and bringing game-changing experiences to life, from insight to realisation. He has collaborated with Humanscale for over a decade, designing the Trea chair, Vessel light and of course, most recently, Path.

Todd will be in conversation with Jessica-Christin Hametner, Editor in Chief of ICON magazine as part of its 20th year anniversary programme at Old Sessions House, 23 Clerkenwell Green, Tuesday 23 May at 13.30pm. to book your place at this event please visit