Vintage Playing Cards’ selection of Valentines gifts and cards are the perfect way to show how much you personally care for that very special person. Vintage Playing Cards specialises in hand-made greeting cards, frames, clocks, and gifts made from individually sourced original vintage games including playing cards, and 1920’s parlour games. Perfect for the design savvy, the stunning selection of gifts includes personalised letter frames that can spell out something that is unique to your loved one creating a thoughtful handmade and very special Valentine’s gift. All Vintage Playing Card products are handmade in their studio in Suffolk.

The letter frames have been hand crafted to create beautifully stylish Valentine gifts which can be personalised to your liking. Alternatively, you can blow your partner away with a classic quote from their favourite film, or music lyric.

Choose quotes from classic love songs like ‘love love me do’ or ‘fly me to the moon’ or alternatively pick a quote from the ultimate romantic movies who could resist ‘you had me at hello’ or ‘nobody puts baby in the corner’.

Love Will Conquer all, for the ultimate in romantic gestures, you can personalise your frame and spell out the name of the person who has your heart or a certain phrase that brings you together. The cards are then double mounted with cream, black and grey, into a stylish wood box frame.


So Wrapped Up in Your Love – Love Frame Gift Bundle – £50

 So simple, yet so classic – how can you not LOVE it? The Love Frame will immediately remind you that, in the words of the Beatles, ‘all you need is love.’ When you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, this stylish, modern frame will instantly lift the mood, reminding you or your loved one of what’s really important in life. Vintage Playing Cards knows how to make your Valentine’s Day gift buying just easy breezy, as the frame comes complete with gorgeous vintage-themed Valentine’s gift wrap with the word ‘Love’ dotted all over, and the classic Ace of Hearts card.

Charming You with Those Puppy Dog Eyes – Snoopy Frame Gift Bundle £30

Snoopy is a much-loved character who will be remembered fondly for years to come, making for the perfect addition to the home of someone special. Accompanying the Snoopy Frame in this gift pack is the ‘I heart U’ gift wrap, and the quirky Ace of Hearts card.