Working from home or a mix of home and office working is the new norm, with 8 in 10 workers wanting to adopt a hybrid working lifestyle post-Covid. However, many people do not have the luxury of a dedicated home office and have a home working set up that is not conducive to healthy and productive working. As the leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products Humanscale has a range of products that have been created specifically designed to help people adapt to working from home by providing tools that promote healthy and effective working.

Abiding by the philosophy that good design achieves more with less, Humanscale makes products that allow workstations to adapt to the user, therefore creating the perfect workspace environment, whether that may be.

New in the UK for 2023, the Float Mini, which combines classic and minimalist residential aesthetics with Humanscale’s world-class ergonomic design system to create a simple and compact solution for both home and work environments. Accommodating individual users working style in their own space by encouraging natural movement in users with a work surface that can be adjusted easily to a range of heights. Incorporating a non-powered pneumatic cylinder, Float Mini does not have to be used within reach of a power source and with an option of caster wheels, meaning it can be easily and seamlessly moved  around the home.

The Diffrient World Task office chair, created by industrial designer Niels Diffrient provides ergonomic support and comfort, in an innovative design that fuses functionality and style. Made from high-quality materials, its mesh backrest is designed with a weight-sensitive recline mechanism. It will automatically adjust to support each user in every recline position, moving with you to provide balanced, lumbar support throughout the working day. The tri-panel, non-stretch mesh removes the need for external lumbar support devices or manual controls, offering a flexible and comfortable feel. Diffrient World is Living Product Certified, meeting the most rigorous sustainable manufacturing criteria to date. This means that Diffrient World is climate, water and energy positive. Every time Humanscale makes these products the planet is better off.

Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco is the next generation in portable sit/stand desk solutions.
Sleeker, easier to use and comprised of more sustainable materials than ever before, this adjustable standing desk solutions are step change in sit/stand surfaces. The award-winning QuickStand Eco features simple setup, portability and near effortless adjustability — transforming ordinary desktops into healthy, active workspaces.

Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day can boost productivity and reduce the negative effects of sedentary behaviour. QuickStand Eco’s seamless operation allows you to quickly sit or stand when you choose. As we consider the impact of workspace products on people both during manufacturing and when they are in use, QuickStand Eco is built with sustainable, non-toxic materials, which is the embodiment of Humanscale’s design philosophy.

NeatCharge is a simple yet sophisticated wireless charger that enables devices to charge by simply being placed on a designated work surface. Perfect for the home or the office, NeatCharge’s compact design subtly attaches to the bottom of a desk or tabletop to keep mobile devices powered throughout the day. Humanscale’s NeatCharge eliminates the need for unsightly cables and phone chargers on the desk, allowing for a neater work surface that is easy to clean. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, NeatCharge only activates when the device is placed above the charger. Once removed, it immediately turns itself off.

As people are spending more time at home, creating a healthy workspace environment is more important than ever. Humanscale has an ecosystem of work solutions, that inspire, promote movement and support the user whatever their location or posture..