Driven by technology and global lockdowns, the role of the physical workplace has changed at an exponential pace, leaving many organisations reassessing how best to use space. The ‘office’ has increasingly become a place for people to connect and collaborate, exchanging ideas and information, meaning acoustics have never been more important.

This Autumn Woven Image introduces Serene Contours a design driven collection that responds to the design needs of the ever-evolving workplace. The Serene Contours collection exhibits linework strongly informed by Art Deco trends, included within the collection are two new EchoPanel® precision cuts; Palace and Ohm along with Duet Ion, a dual-sided panel for partitioning applications. Also housed within the collection is the quilted acoustic fabric Focus Chain.

Woven Image’s wall finishes embrace the trend towards more tactile surfaces and three-dimensional textures; the panels interweave cutting edge design with sustainability and commercial performance. All provide a beautiful textural element to any vertical surface, with the added benefit of acoustic performance to combat reverberation from hard surfaces within busy offices.

The Woven Image Autumn 2022 new product launches encapsulate design driven acoustic solutions for total applications with the release of three new acoustic panel designs: Ion Duet, Palace and Ohm.

Joining their precision cut range of acoustic panels is EchoPanel® Palace, which unveils detailed linework reflecting the arcs and archways of architecture and Art Deco motifs to evoke a serene, peaceful environment. Likewise, the contours of EchoPanel® Ohm reflect the ebb and flow of sound waves, a nod to their acoustic performance. Both designs feature a bevelled edge, to aid panel-to-panel installations. EchoPanel® precision cuts are sustainably made using 60% post-consumer recycled PET plastic. The range is available in 33 colours that coordinate with other wall, ceiling, partitioning and upholstery products in the portfolio.

Ion Duet has been developed with the new hybrid workspace, flexible floorplates and occupants’ well-being front of mind. Utilising Ion’s geometric design, Ion Duet is a multi-directional dual-sided panel for partitioning applications, including workstation screens and operable walls. Compressed from EchoPanel® 24mm, the colour is consistent throughout the thickness of the panel making it ideal for frameless applications.

Pendent Ion Duet is a suspended acoustic screen that floats graciously above the floor for a breathtaking, sound absorbing experience. Pendent Ion Duet is ideal as a partitioning solution for flexible space dividing, privacy screening and wayfinding applications. Like Ion Duet, its embossed design is featured on both sides, ensuring its aesthetic is enjoyed from all angles.

Focus Chain is a design-led multi-functional textile solution suitable for task seating, occasional seating as well as wrapped panels for workstations, pods and room dividers. It graces any room with its beautifully quilted upholstery fabric inspired by a fusion of vertical line-work teamed with an Art Deco influence. The textured design evokes a calming flow of movement, enticing the user to its lofty surface. Like Focus Wave, Focus Chain is an acoustic fabric boasting sound absorption properties and performing to global commercial textile standards. Available in 12 contemporary colourways that coordinate with other fabrics in the focus range.