With the change of season on the horizon, what better way to embrace the cosier evenings than with warm, atmospheric lighting? Hudson Valley Lighting Group (HVLG) has the perfect range of timeless light fixtures to help you effortlessly adjust to the shorter days. Indulge in their vast selection of exquisite lights this Autumn to make your home an enticing haven away from the cold weather.

When creating a desirable, cosy atmosphere, it is imperative to focus on ways you can adjust the lighting to reflect the current mood. Different occasions will require a variety of tones to illuminate your spaces. Most people prefer darker lighting in the evening, but incorporating a dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness appropriately throughout the day.

As the cold weather arrives, we’ll begin to pile on the layers; the same logic must be applied to lighting our homes. To create a cosy atmosphere, it is fundamental to form the 3 key lighting layers within your space. First is the ambient layer, a base used to illuminate the entire room, providing a sense of visual comfort. Second, task lighting enhances function areas from desks to reading corners. Finally, finishing on the accent layer is an opportunity for you to add your decorative, artistic touch.

Below are some of Hudson Valley Lighting Group’s gorgeous lighting, which helps to create a cosy, intimate space perfect for winter evenings.Nora is a simple but undeniably effective light that possesses an air of refined splendor. The pendant hangs from an adjustable cloth cord and features a sophisticated aged brass finish, whilst the wall sconce is an elegant addition to any room. The result is a beautifully gentle glow that fills the space, whether from the pendent or the wall sconce.

Liberty starts with a core of matte-black metal, banded around its middle with a flashing contrast from the piece’s finish of choice – brass or nickel. Retro coil bulbs in ballooning clear glass create the primary light source; in larger models, tubular exposed-filament bulbs alternate. Cut-crystal discs and icy handcrafted glass adorn protruding rods, refracting the dazzling light in a thousand directions.

The Stanton floor lamp has a black marble base with white striations which anchors the light. Form follows function as Stanton’s head is adjustable for where the light is needed by a pleasing swivel at the back of the shade.