Marokka, the Anglo-Italian design house, famed for creating modern and stylish sculptures such as Frank, the French Bulldog and Gus, the Gorilla, further proves that it is perfect for any environment.

Instantly recognisable, Marokka sculptures ooze a cool refinement and are no stranger to the hotel industry. Gus the Gorilla greets guests at Port Lympne, at an imposing 3 metre high the 3 dimensional geometric sculpture gives guests a stunning first impression.

Other pieces that are perfect for the hospitality sector is Ava the Cheetah.  Ava is available as an elegant  sculpture or a stunning lenticular print. Bridging the gap between a virtual and real world the lenticular brings Ava to life depicting her in full hunting mode as different movements are captured within the print.  The Ava sculpture is a stunning piece of art, Ava a wire frame polygonal sculpture which is a standout piece of décor that creates a focal point for any room.  Also as with all its sculptures, Marokka also raises awareness of the charities that care for animals and is proud to donate a percentage of sales for every Ava sold to the Ashia Cheetah Conservation, a not-for-profit conservation project in Paarl, South Africa, dedicated to the survival of the cheetah by running a significant wilding & release program.

In the 21st century, clients expect unique hotel artworks that will make their stay a one-of-a-kind experience and Marokka doesn’t disappoint. The sculptures themselves, which are available to buy on smaller scale from the brands website, are open for commission on a larger scale choose from Gus the western lowland gorilla or Frank the French Bulldog or the beautiful  Ava. The imposing three-metre-high Gus, was originally created in partnership with Broadgate and The Aspinall Foundation for a unique, tech-inspired exhibition – WILDLIFE. The monumental sculpture caused a great deal of buzz amongst visitors and made the experience all the memorable.

When you approach a hotel, walk into a lobby or hotel bedroom the senses become more heightened when there is an interesting sculpture, a stunning piece of wall art or a feature that provides a point of interest and reference for guests. Marokka’s sculptures, with their thought-provoking and luxurious design, are no exception.