MAROKKA, the London based Anglo-Italian design house, provides an interesting and stylish selection of gifts this Father’s Day. From their signature Gus the Gorilla to the aromatic and therapeutic MAROKKA candles, there is something for every dad.

Charity collaboration is a key feature of MAROKKA’s brand DNA, to put that ethos into practice, they partner with the incredible Aspinall Foundation and DOTS (Dogs on the Street), to which they donate 10% of all sales – allowing you to give back this Father’s Day.

The classic Gus the Gorilla is the perfect gift for your father, grandfather, or father figure. The geometric shape, available in a range of different colour schemes (including camouflage), provides a refreshing point of conversation to any room. Designed in London and made in Italy, every Gus comes with its own certificate of authenticity and is packaged with eco-friendly materials.


Equally as dynamic as Gus, Yorick the skull is sophisticated and stylish. Also available in a range of colours, most notably metallic black and the cloud pattern. Yorick is a bold sculpture, bound to make a brilliant gift for all the dads, this Father’s Day. The inspiration behind Yorick is the regeneration of life, change and transformation. As with all Marokka pieces, 10% of all sales go to the Aspinall Foundation.

This striking geometric sculpture, aptly named ‘Wolfy’ has been 3D printed over the course of 12 hours and then hand painted, creating a beautiful result. The ice blue and metallic silver colourings make for a trendy and unique Father’s Day present, proving something one-of-a-kind and smile provoking.

Marokka’s aromatic and sustainable candles are the perfect affordable gift for Fathers Day. Either available in Yorick, a masculine and rich scent of bergamot, amber and cocoa or Gus, a musky, forest-inspired scent of fir needles, white cedar and citrus. Not only are these deep scent profiles perfect for Fathers, but to make matters better they are completely sustainable. The Marokka candles are complete with a recycled wine bottle base, handmade nickel pewter charm lid and 100% cruelty-free and paraben free wax. Refills available.