Podcasts are not a new concept, they have been widely available for over a decade however, have slowly been on the rise since 2017. As of 2020, there were over 15 million podcast listeners here in the UK with popular streaming platform Spotify attributing podcast popularity for 24% of its subscriber growth in 2020.

Escape from the everyday

With everyday joys being at a standstill for most of the last two years, podcasts have had the ability for millions to invoke a sense of escapism from the routines of life. Podcasts benefit from not needing the visual attention of its audience, you can listen to podcasts while you do other things whether it’s the ironing, working from home or your daily commute back into the office.


Value in Variety 

Many podcast services are free or at least have a free version making it extremely accessible for the masses. This freedom allows listeners to explore a wide range of genres and topics with thousands of podcasts at their fingertips. 


Industry-based podcasts to explore

Speaking of Design by HDR Inc: There’s a story behind every structure in our world. Meet the engineers and architects who are changing communities through imagination and innovation. Speaking of Design makes you part of the experience as they transform the world, one project at a time.

The FUTURE Designs podcast: The FUTURE Designs Podcast gives an insight into the world of the team who create solutions for large-scale interior and exterior schemes across sectors. Hear from experts such as Doctor Neil Stanley, Grant Gibson and Managing Director David Clements.

Sound Check by Concert: Hosted by renowned former property journalist Stacey Meadwell, the series of conversations offer insights into the world of cost consultancy and project management, covering all topics from career development and how to gain entry to the industry, focuses on markets from data centres to housing and retail, as well as the nuances of the profession.