Construction consultancy Concert has completed phases 1 and 2 of a 10 megawatt data centre in Slough for telecommunications network China Mobile, the client’s first facility outside Asia.

Concert were appointed to look into the feasibility of the site before the decision was made to locate the data centre in Slough. The process included supporting the negotiations on the agreement for lease as part of the diligence team, and liaising closely with both the developer, China Mobile’s technical team and appointed design team to ensure the successful implementation of the scheme.

The due diligence support included reviewing the lease’s technical documents, the landlord’s shell design and budgeting the tenant specific changes including introducing a mezzanine floor, to ensure the building was fit for China Mobile’s requirements at the market price. Concert also worked very closely with the client’s in-house procurement team in Asia to ensure that their specific procurement protocols were implemented.

Daniel Wright, Director at Concert explains, “This was a gold standard for China Mobile International and we successfully achieved all of their KPIs, completing the design and delivery needed to support this client in a completely different market with different types of contracting arrangements.”

Adds Jack Ke, Data Centre Manager, Europe, China Mobile International,

“We were very pleased with the experience and performance of the Concert team. Their professionalism and expertise gave us confidence and we look forward to working with Concert again in the UK and other regions.”