Welltek, an Office Blueprint brand, is now the number one distributor for Finnish brand Artome, a family of high-quality audio visual equipment. Available in a range of sizes, Artome is perfect wherever you need professional-quality presentation equipment, housed in a design-led solution.

Artome’s founder, Toni Parikka developed one of its key USPs: all the cabling and installation takes place in the factory instead of on-site where it is being used. You simply plug it in and the Artome range is good to go.

Artome P22 is a sleek movable presentation solution with a built-in laser projector and a high-end sound system, truly an aesthetic upgrade to bulky projectors of old. Easy to manoeuvre around and removing the need for installation and complex cabling between presentations, Artome P22 affords the ultimate flexibilty as to where presentations or meetings can take place. It is suitable for groups of between two and 33 people and wherever it is located, sound and image are perfectly balanced to fit the size of the room. Artome P22 also comes complete with a user-friendly control panel.

Its sister device, Artome Movea, amply transforms any workspace or learning environment. Again removing the need for planning, installation, cabling and any associated construction costs, with Artome Movea, the user experience is enhanced with a plug-and-play microphone and the possibility to use any chosen wireless casting device. It is suitable for a variety of uses, from analytical viewing when set at 4 x picture height to the 6 x picture height setting for basic presentations to more passive viewing of films and videos.

All you need is a light-coloured wall or a screen to use as a reflective surface, Artome Movea does the rest in terms of AV capability. Images are able to be shown at up to five metres wide, with the sound suitable for events of up to one hundred people, with further audio enhancement possible using external speakers.

Artome X30 is suitable for large event spaces and features an Epson laser projector, which produces light output of up to 15,000 lumens, enough for even the most challenging environments. Artome X30’s built-in sound system packs enough of an audio punch, it can be heard by hundreds of people all at the same time and is compatible with external sound systems. No need to be a technical whizz-kid to operate Artome X30 either, it simply starts at the touch of a button, with laptops or mobile devices connected with a cable or wirelessly. And because it is not a fixed piece of AV technology, it does not affect the life cycle of a building.

The Artome range simply offers good design, resulting in excellent image and sound quality, thanks to its innovative technology and manufacture.