Prolojok launches CIBSE approved CPD to support organisations getting back to the office safely, utilisting the power of lighting controls.

Prolojik, is at the forefront of harnessing the ubiquitous nature of lighting controls to support the safe return or workers to their offices.

The ‘Great Home Working’ experiment, thrust upon organisations by an emergency global pandemic has not been a mitigated disaster largely due to the the ‘quiet heroes’ that sit within IT departments who have designed and developed robust infrastructures, with such high levels of resilience that they can cope with the level of remote traffic whilst maintaining the required security levels. And secondly a millennial generation of tech savvy employees, who in the main will have been able to adapt with ease because they understand and trust in the IT.

However, whilst adaptive workforces have managed during this testing time there is no doubt that for organisations to progress people need to be together and a migration back to the office is inevitable and will gather pace as the vaccine is distributed through the country. Business leaders are now faced with their next challenge; assuring an apprehensive workforce and customer base that that premises are safe, secure and sanitised.

In this new CPD presentatiaon, Prolojik outlines the key to restoring this confidence is for employees to be able to provide insights for user of live, accurate, targeted and relevant data and information on key factors such as air quality, safe occupation densities, management of optimum environments or giving workers the ability to identify where the appropriate space is available for their work. In order to achieve this, Prolojik has developed a series of sensing technologies that can work alongside our lighting control networks, or be implemented independently to support space insight.  These solutions apply equally to new build and retro-fit spaces to quickly and effectively support the following business outcomes.

  • Targeted Messaging
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Building Sanitisation
  • Physical Distancing
  • Profile-based Control
  • Lone Worker Monitoring
  • Revenue Leakage

The CPD is available immediately and is of particular interest to developers/landlords, end users, building consultants and facilities managers. Please contact [email protected] to learn more and arrange a time.