A place to socialise, eat and cook together, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Getting the lighting right is key to creating a space that is both practical and beautiful. Whether it’s when entertaining guests or having a home-cooked meal with your immediate loved ones, it’s important to select lighting that will create a cool, inviting ambience for the main socialising point of the room, whilst additional lighting creates areas for specific tasks or spaces.

Depending on the spatial capability, a kitchen could require a range of lighting, task lighting, high ceiling fixtures, downlights, uplights or skylights. Hudson Valley Lighting Group (HVLG) has a stunning selection of lighting fixtures that are perfect for the kitchen with their timeless and essential designs. Below is a selection of some of our favourite pieces:

Everley Pendant

From Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s collection for Corbett Lighting, the gorgeous Everley pendant was inspired by a pearl earring once belonging to Elizabeth Taylor. The pendant is reminiscent of Corbett’s signature style as it radiates simplicity and a feeling of luxury. Its uniquely disproportionate frame and charming use of negative space oozes appeal in a classic Vintage Brass finish. With its elegant and timeless design, Everley lives up to its inspiration Elizabeth Taylor and the character she emanated. Make a statement by pairing up on the pendants and creating a calming, balanced atmosphere. Available in three different sizes depending on your preference and a Wall Sconce useful for lighting up and adding style to those little corners of the room.

Hunters Point

Add character to your kitchen with the rustic charm of the Hunters Point pendant. This fixture tells a story that praises sustainable handmade design. Details include carefully made buri ting-ting woven around the outer frame which is a form of hand-harvested rattan. It is then stripped by artisans into fine pieces and finished with a tasteful espresso dye to tie in with that outdoorsy charm. The fine pieces are tied tightly around a metal frame, who’s structure complements the rectangle shape of the thick glass shade inside. The outcome is a layered piece that tells a story of fine, passionate work that oozes charm, adding natural beauty to any kitchen. This simple yet beautiful fixture is available in two sizes as well as a charming wall sconce.

Estee Chandelier

Hailing from Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting, the powerful Estee chandelier simultaneously pulls off light and airy while also adding drama and glamour. Its subtly curved arms and pearl-like look adds a touch of feminine charm without being overpowering. The pendant’s bulbs elegantly point out in different directions ensuring that the room enjoys a natural balance of light. This classic design is available in two timeless, adaptable finishes: Aged Brass and Polished Nickel. Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on guests is the stunning chandelier, but also available is the Semi Flush style which offers a less dramatic look while still capturing the best of this beautiful design, suitable especially for smaller spaces.

About Hudson Valley Lighting Group

Hudson Valley Lighting Group is comprised of four industry-recognized brands: Hudson Valley Lighting, Mitzi, Troy Lighting, and Corbett Lighting. Each brand is united by common principles: the pursuit of excellence, a design-driven culture, attention to ever-changing environmental considerations and a commitment to the highest possible quality.