Striving to ensure the safety of its teams, BW: Workplace Experts has been enforcing strict procedures to help manage the spread of COVID-19 on both its site and Head Office.

BW currently employs 185 staff and 130 employees have taken the antibody test, which has shown that only 31.25% of staff tested had already been exposed to the virus and potentially developed some level of resistance. Having tested over two thirds of staff, the figure provides a good overview, showing that approximately 1 in every 3 people has been infected with the virus.

The antibody tests were offered to monitor the success of the stringent measures BW is adhering to, in line with Government guidelines and the results clearly show that most staff have avoided contracting COVID-19. Anyone infected has not spread the illness within the workplace and it has been contained to that individual. BW is confident that the strict measures put in place from an early stage have undoubtably helped to keep this figure as low as possible.

Ongoing measures in place in this time of crisis include: switching site inductions from on site to remote to ensure everyone was aware of the procedures they would be required to follow before they visited the site so the highest levels of safety are maintained, offering face coverings to everyone attending both the site and Head office free of charge and maintaining firm social distancing measures. PPE is being distributed to staff individually, ensuring that equipment will not be shared; any disposable items will be disposed of properly and reusable PPE will only be allocated for use by one individual.

BW has handled the virus carefully, with employees being the company’s key priority, along with timely communication in relation to their protection, wherever they are located.

The construction industry is a high-risk group in the pandemic, and BW has handled the situation as safely as possible to reduce the risk to the health and wellbeing of its employees.

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