BOB by Bisley has been shortlisted in the category ‘Public, Leisure or Office Furniture

Developed in collaboration with award winning British designer Paul Kelley, BOB is a beautiful hand-crafted modular storage and display system that can be reconfigured instantly; allowing you to you click it, twist it and rethink your space.

BOB’s infinite configurations can be adapted for any use; in the office or at home, as a room divider, or up against a wall.

Whether it’s used in the office or at home, BOB is the versatile storage system that lets you create impeccable configurations, completely unique to you.

Naava by Office Blueprint has been shortlisted in the category Public, Leisure or Office Furniture.

In Spring 2019 Office Blueprint launched Naava’s revolutionary green walls in the UK for the first time.

Not just another green wall, Naava is a unique piece of smart furniture which combines nature and technology to naturalise indoor air, reducing harmful chemicals and optimising humidity. The proven effect of working in the vicinity of a Naava Green Wall include a reduction in illness, less fatigue and improved cognitive performance. The product works by absorbing indoor air through the plants’ roots and a natural soil-less growth medium, developed to avoid pests and mould. The microbes of the roots then purify the air of harmful chemicals, and small, quiet and unseen fans return the pure and naturalised air back into the room. One Naava vertical planter can purify up to 60sq metres of indoor air and would be the equivalent of having approximately 6,000 potted plants in the same space.

WPP Amsterdam Campus, Amsteldok – has been shortlisted in the category UK Project of the Year.

BDG architecture + design has completed the new Amsterdam campus for WPPas part of its global co- location strategy, which is to provide world-class spaces that bring together its people and agencies into one location, encouraging greater collaboration and giving clients easier access to all of WPP’s talent and expertise.

The Amsteldok building brings together 15 WPP agencies, from 11 locations into a single location. The previously vacant Rivierstaete building (as it was formerly known) has been transformed from a large traditional office building into a 19,000m2, innovative and creative workplace to support the 1,500 people that work from it.

Muse Acoustic panels – has been shortlisted in the category Surfaces.

The Australian based sustainable materials experts, Woven Image are delighted to have collaborated with the renowned International industrial designer Michael Young on a new range of interior acoustic wall panels.

Inspired by the elements and created by an algorithm, Muse wall panels reduce reverberated noise in commercial spaces, ensuring comfortable and productive noise levels in sectors ranging from workplace to hospitality.

According to Young, his studio brought a very particular sensibility to  the product. “I believe that Muse is genuinely cutting edge,” he  explains. “It seems to me that an industrial office is going to take a different approach to creating a pattern than an artist or even a graphic  designer.”

“By setting up an animated algorithm we generated a changing two-dimensional pattern and freed the animation at a particular point to build the final image. In other words we are not creating conceptual  decoration but technical decoration. The finished results look  wonderfully mathematical.”