obo, creator of holistically designed workplaces, sourced and supplied furniture to the newly designed space for a Reading based tech company. The carefully selected furniture ensures a dynamic work environment that is beneficial for not only employee wellbeing but also visitors to the business.

It was vital that the space was designed to reflect the companies’ brand and core of creativity, to ensure that it was a place for relationships with clients and partners to continue to grow. obo expanded on the client’s brief by supplying furniture that goes further than purely aesthetics, with sustainability, versatility, comfort and employee wellbeing also at the top of the agenda.

obo introduced furniture that moved on from the traditional meeting environment, to create a more inviting area for all. obo supplied furniture from prestigious brands including Haworth, Haworth Collection, Humanscale, Fritz Hansen, Vitra, Boss, Allermuir and Clarus.

The furniture was used in the creation of break-out areas, meeting facilities, lounge spaces and open meeting table areas, to enhance the agile working space. The open workplace was fitted with height adjustable workstations throughout, to promote employee posture by allowing an adjustable height to suit the individual. High benches with draftman’s stools were also introduced to the space, benefitting employees by providing them with the choice of a work area that suits them.

As a purpose led business, obo always begins with the needs of the individual user, to enable them to support the organisations they work for. ‘Affordance’ is a term at the core of obo’s services, whereby specific furniture is supplied to encourage a particular behaviour and to promote the connection between people and the space. A workplace is more than a container for people, and it’s more than just a tool to perform a task. A well-designed workplace participates in performing the task, enabling optimal human performance, cognitively, emotionally and physically. Thoughtful furniture selection can help to nurture a person’s psychological state, support every person’s physiological fit, and promote people to do their mind’s best work.

Gary Helm, Founder of obo said “It was a great to have creative freedom on this project through a more open brief. We started the process by setting up a tour through London’s design districts to visit very specific showrooms, to view only those products that we felt would reflect and enhance the tech company’s brand. The furniture manufacturers that we work with put workplace wellbeing at the forefront, going further than just the look of the furniture. Through this we were able to help to create a dynamic workspace that has employees at the heart.”

obo worked closely with CMI Workspace, workplace designer for the Reading based tech company.