Its no secret that the key to creativity, productivity and the resulting profitability is healthy, happy people. Study after study shows links between healthy workforces and profitability. The reasons are myriad, ill health caused by poor posture at work can contribute to absenteeism, or presenteeism, whilst the provision of environments that allow employees the freedom to create promotes productivity.

Ergonomically designed chairs and desks are established as essentials in workplaces across the UK. The ability to adjust the height of a chair is expected, even. Less known is the importance of setting computer monitors at a height that completes good posture at a desk, although the tide is changing on this. Supporting positive movement at work creates a competitive advantage for organisations by optimising their most important asset; a healthy and productive, high-performing workforce. Monitor arms have long been a feature of corporate offices and now SME’s are investing in them to improve the health and comfort of their employees.

Monitor arms support screens at eyelines and angles directly in front of users, keeping heads upright, shoulders back and necks supported. This open position allows increased bloodflow through muscle groups in the head, neck and chest and helps avoid shoulder and neck injury, supporting better performance over time as the brain reacts with increased alertness.

Humanscale, designer and manufacturer of high performance ergonomic tools for the workplace, recently introduced a redesign of its best selling line of monitor arms, M2.1, M8.1 and M10 to accomodate changes in the way that people work both in the office and at home. As the work environment continues to become more agile, with hot-desking, shared desks, co-working spaces and home working on the rise Humanscale monitor arms are designed to optimise the user experience with intuitive functionality, precise positioning and smooth movement allowing computer users to instantly personalise their work areas and be more comfortable, healthy and productive.

Engineered for unprecedented adaptability, M2.1, M8.1 and M10 meet a variety of configuration needs, from traditional desks, sit/stand workstations to settings that require multiple screens. They offer the unique ability to customise the arm style to suit any application. Patented weight-compensating spring technology ensures simple, fluid range of motion and supports monitors up to 21.5kg. The new monitor arms also utilise a precision-bearing technology that provides effortless depth adjustment, a critical ergonomic factor that affects eye muscle fatigue. For added functionality, Humanscale introduces Smart Stop technology, which provides the ability to stop the arm and monitor anywhere along its rotation to protect equipment and employees and to prevent monitor or arm overhang on desk edges. An improved accessories bracket offers additional utility capabilities such as a document or headphone holder, and brackets for single monitors now include a handle for effortless adjustment with just one hand.

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