Moving Walls, the Swiss provider of mobile, magnetic and writeable office tools, debuted the Moving Table, the latest addition to its range of activity-based office furniture for dynamic space design, agile and collaborative working in a comprehensive presentation at Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 in London.

Exhibiting at the Bisley offices in Clerkenwell, Moving Walls and Bisley have announced their exclusive partnership in the UK, Ireland, France, USA and Mexico. The combination of Moving Walls and Bisley storage allows the creation of highly-productive, truly flexible spaces for people to come together to work creatively and effectively in comfort. With the extension of the portfolio to include the new Moving Table doubling as a wall writing panel, it is now possible to create office spaces in a demand-oriented, flexible and agile manner.

The Swiss company Moving Walls presented its comprehensive collection of demand-oriented office tools at Clerkenwell Design Week 2019, including the new Moving Table, extending the Moving Walls System with yet another multifunctional tool for collaborative and agile working methods. Known for the mobile and writeable wall Moving Wall, all Moving Walls office tools are perfectly matched to each other. Used individually or as a combination, users can select items to suit their own hugely diverse working requirements. In addition to the mobile wall, the writeable panel and the acoustic panel, with the new table the Swiss office brand offers a profound answer to the question of future working methods and the establishment of a corporate culture of innovation.

Due to its flexible applications and mobile space design, the multifunctional office system, produced primarily in Switzerland as well as in Europe, promotes not only the productivity and creativity of the employees but also their satisfaction by interaction and agile working in offices as well as in educational institutions, for example. The versatile and writeable office tools structure rooms as well as work processes, enable more efficient use of space and are already widely used in executive offices, conference rooms, in plenary sessions or in creative labs of large companies such as PwC, Roche and Schweizerische Bundesbahn, the ANZ Bank or ARUP.

Download the press release for information on Moving Walls’ comprehensive collection or contact Cora Kemp.