On 9 May 2019 in Southampton, RO Real Estate is hosting a round table discussion on one of the most pressing issues for businesses right now – Employee Wellbeing. Guest speakers and experts from real estate developers, HR specialists and end users will join the debate entitled “Wellbeing in the Workplace: Fad or Trend?”, looking at wellbeing’s rise to the top of the corporate agenda, what is driving it and if it will stay there.

The chair of the discussion will be Helen Parton, an architecture and interiors journalist with over 15 years’ experience. Helen specialises in writing about how well-designed workspaces can make people happier and more productive.

The specialist participants of the roundtable include:

The event will investigate questions, such as:

1) Wellness has become something of a buzz phrase over the last few years, to truly incorporate wellness into a business strategy how do you see beyond the hype and what are the pitfalls to avoid?

2) At what stage is wellness in the workplace being considered in the construction, design and build processes, how has this changed in recent years? Is the entire supply chain now more aware of wellness and are we all on the same page about what it really means?

3) What are the key drivers for wellness in the workplace – how does happiness and productivity of staff sit alongside a developer’s desire to monetise the space, a tenant’s wish to use the space efficiently and HR’s priority of attracting and retaining top talent?

4) What are the top three things that will have the biggest impact on wellbeing in the workplace both now and in the future?

Nick Moore, Head of Investment at RO Real Estate says:

“RO Real Estate is one the front line of tenant requirement from their office space and we know that decisions are no longer made on cost alone. In order to thrive, enlightened organisations need well designed space that caters for its employees them both physically and mentally, creating the ultimate workplace experience. Bringing together forward-thinking experts to talk on this topic and report the outcome is essential to ensure it remains a high priority for business.”

RO Real Estate recently launched One Dorset Street, the first building in Hampshire to achieve Fitwel certification, the world’s leading system for designing and operating buildings that actively improve occupant health. Health and wellness is of the highest priority for forward thinking organisations and the investment in One Dorset Street aims to support occupiers who understand that employee wellbeing is critical to commercial success.

For more information on One Dorset  Street, please contact the marketing agents Nella Pang [email protected] or Nik Cox [email protected]