Material Matters is back! The exciting podcast is from design writer Grant Gibson and is devoted to all things making.

In this episode Grant sat down with Kate Malone who works in many different areas from nature-inspired gallery pieces (available at Adrian Sassoon) to batch production mugs via public art and architectural commissions. Her wonderful projects can range in value from Ā£25 to Ā£1.5million.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Kate talks about her fascination with the natural world, how a near-deadly bout of meningitis changed her life for the better, her time as a TV judge on The Great Pottery Throwdown, and why exactly people used to mistake her for Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall.

The thread through it all is her love of clay and the joy she evidently finds in communicating with it.

Material Matters recently rated #9 in the Apple Podcasts charts and when reviewed for The Observer New Review was ā€œrecommendedā€ by journalist Miranda Sawyer.

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Happy listening!

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