A beautiful charitable collection of glass works inspired by the orphaned orangutans of Borneo.

Over the years leading glass artist and founder of London Glassblowing Peter Layton has drawn inspiration for his work from some fascinating sources, including favourite artists and even Highgrove Royal Gardens. His latest series, Gito, is no exception.  

In October 2018 Peter and his wife Ann travelled to Borneo accompanied by vets Nigel Hicks and Sara Fell. The pair are co-founders of OVAID, a charity whose mission is to raise awareness of the plight of orangutans. The party visited rescue centres, witnessing at first hand the plight of these apes and the hugely important work the charity performs.  

As a direct result the Laytons decided to adopt an orangutan called Gito, who had been discovered by International Animal Rescue in 2015. When they returned to London Peter and Ann were keen to do more to help and so Peter has launched a new collection of glass named after the young ape they fell in love with and adopted. Each piece is free-blown and crafted with the greatest care, while the series aims to capture the vivid oranges and dark emeralds they encountered on their trip. Most importantly though London Glassblowing will be donating 20 per cent of all proceeds from the series to OVAID on a continuing basis, to help Hicks and Fell continue their work.

For further information download the press release or contact  Anna King.