The new podcast series Material Matters, by design writer Grant Gibson, was reviewed and literally  “recommended” in Miranda Sawyer’s audio round-up for The Observer, in which Sawyer described the episodes as “enlightening, informed interviews”.

In Material Matters’ first series of six 30-minute interviews, the former Blueprint and Crafts editor talks to different designers, artists and makers about their relationship to a particular material or technique with which they’re intrinsically linked.

The interviews take place in the guest’s workshop – rather than a studio – and listeners find out how they came to be involved with the material in the first instance, what they love about it, and how their relationship with it has developed over time.

Series one of Material Matters features potter Edmund de Waal on porcelain; artist Celia Pym on textiles; wood turner Eleanor Lakelin on timber; designer Bill Amberg on leather; and Peter Layton on glass. Meanwhile in a special bonus recording I chat with New York-based curator and critic Glenn Adamson about his new book Fewer, Better Things, which focusses on material intelligence in the digital age.

Grant commented ‘It’s wonderful to get such a strong endorsement from a journalist whose work I’ve always loved.’

Have a listen via Spotify & Apple Podcasts, and follow Grant’s LinkedIn and Instagram profiles to find out more about the Material Matters series one episodes.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an interview with Grant about Material Matters do get in touch with Anna King.