Visit the fantastic London Glassblowing studio between August 10th and September 1st to see this collection of works by Peter Layton, celebrated glass artisanne and founder of one of Europe’s longest running studios.

Peter founded London Glassblowing in 1976 and has spent the decades since pushing the boundaries of glass artistry. His work has been celebrated with accolades and recently a selection of his work was chosen to be exhibited at Buckingham Palace, as part of the celebrations of the Prince of Wales’ 70th Birthday.

“Glass is magical and extraordinarily seductive,” explains Peter. “Every piece is a challenge and an adventure and you never know exactly what you have created until you open the annealing kiln and see how a piece has turned out. I love that moment of surprise.”

At London Glassblowing Peter has nurtured dozens of artists along the way, encouraging them to take the a bold attitude to their work with glass.

As one of Peter’s contemporaries, the renowned glass artist Louis Thompson wrote, “Peter actively supports our professional development and personal practice and values the significance of this creative mix and exchange. His faith that we will make bold and courageous choices underpins the creative energy that flows through the studio, and is one of the cornerstones of the studio’s philosophy which is based on mutual trust and respect.”

Find out more on London Glassblowing’s website.